In Sierra Leone, thousands of the child population have no access to education
    and health facilities. In addition, most of these childeren lost thier parents during
    the war and some lost their limbs, and were left with no proper care.

    As soon as people began to travel to Sierra Leone again, after the 11 years Civil War had ended, we heard stories of the hardships that many children experience and the struggle they (and their families) face to get a proper education.
    We decided we wanted to do something for them, and we started collecting money among ourselves inorder to start helping some children through school.

    We wanted to spend our money on a complete educational programme,that will help a child get a better future,and not pay for only one or two years.This means that we have to be able to guarantee the school fees for about 16 years, and the child in question has to be willing and able to complete his or her education.Only than can we 'adopt' this child in our project..

    We generally take the money to Sierra Leone ourselves and talk with people locally
    to find out which children are most in need of our support.

    We thus donate the money directly, and nothing gets lost on organizational expenses.
    In this way, all the money gets spent most effectively. At present, we support 11 children.
    We would like to do more.Therefore we need your help. All of the children we support are living in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. Since the SLHAL-members come from all parts of Sierra Leone,not only from Freetown, we would like to support children in other towns as well. This will be ,our next step. During the Civil War a lot of schools have been destroyed or have fallen to ruin. They need to be rebuilt and we would like to raise enough money to help rebuild at least one school. Again: we need your help to make this happen.







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